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The situation of waterproof laminate flooring
 Jul 02, 2022|View:405

Waterproof laminate flooring is a new product in the flooring family. It can be used in any places of homes and most commercial place as its water resistance . It is distinguished from normal laminate for its super low sweeling rate . Also it is more wear resistant than spc flooring products . In market u can find three types of waterproof laminate . one is produced with SH core ,with sweeling rate 3-4% .Another one is called black core ,with sweeling rate 7-8%.the third one is our Aquaflex laminate with sweeling rate 4%,more than 100 hours protections on the surface .Our Aquaflex with zero formaldehyde release is the most safe and environmental friendly floors .What is more u can enjoy a very reasonable offer. Welcome to get samples.